We are called to develop a strong community of faith in God through continuing Christ's teaching, sharing the sacramental life and joyfully serving others.
“At the heart of catechesis we find, in essence, a Person, the Person of Jesus of Nazareth, “the only Son from the Father…full of grace and truth,” who suffered and died for us and who now, after rising, is living with us forever…accordingly, the definitive aim of catechesis is to put people not only in touch but in communion, in intimacy, with Jesus Christ: only he can lead us to the love of the Father in the Spirit and make us share in the Life of the Trinity”.  — APOSTOLIC EXHORTATION CATECHESI TRADENDAE OF POPE JOHN PAUL II ON CATECHESIS IN OUR TIME

Thank you for fostering the growth of your child’s faith formation. I ask you to please prayerfully consider volunteering as a catechist this school year.  To be a catechist one must be a practicing Catholic who regularly participates in the Sunday Eucharist, who works well with students’ diverse needs as well as learning styles, and who is willing to share the Catholic faith with others. I will train you on the components and organization of the program. I will also provide you with necessary materials and collaborative efforts throughout the year.  Please prayerfully consider this request. If you are interested in teaching through this ministry, and / or if you are interested in being a teacher’s assistant, please contact the parish at 897-2173.



Sincerely in Christ,



Michelle Moffett

St. Rose of Lima Parish

(207) 897-2173

 Faith Formation1

It is our mission to bring all those we teach into a personal relationship with Christ, develop a strong community of faith, share in the sacramental life of the Church and joyfully serve others.



Faith Formation Staff:

Director of Faith Formation: Michelle Moffett


Youth Minister: Penny Laverdiere


Christian Initiation (RCIA): Terry Viotto