We are called to develop a strong community of faith in God through continuing Christ's teaching, sharing the sacramental life and joyfully serving others.

Rev. Paul Dumais


Tel:  (207) 897-2173

E-mail: paul.dumais@portlanddiocese.org



Louise St. Pierre

Office Manager

Tel:  (207) 897-2173

E-mail: louise.st.pierre@portlanddiocese.org


Penny Laverdiere

Youth Ministry

Tel:  (207) 897-2173

E-mail: penny.laverdiere@portlanddiocese.org


Terry Viotto

Christian Initiation

Tel:  (207) 897-2173

E-mail: saintrose@myfairpoint.net



Jason Labrecque

Church & Cemetery Sexton

Tel:  (207) 897-2173

E-mail: jason.labrecque@portlanddiocese.org