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Marriage Preparation


Those who wish to celebrate the Sacrament of marriage in St. Rose of Lima Parish should talk to the parish priest at least six months before the proposed date of the wedding. The date for the wedding cannot be set until the couple who wishes to marry meets with the priest. This period allows for all the proper paperwork prescribed by the Diocese of Portland and the State of Maine to be finished in time before the wedding.






Roman Catholics who wish to marry should obtain a baptismal certificate from the parish in which they had been baptized. This certificate for each Catholic party must be no older than six months. This document should also include notations on back of the baptism certificate, such as any record of one’s Confirmation, First Communion, or previous marriage. (If the baptism had been in the parish of St. Rose of Lima, a baptismal certificate is not necessary.)


Baptized Christians who are not Roman Catholic should also obtain proof of their Baptism.


These documents are necessary for all paperwork to be completed.